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Welcome to Daniel's main page on musical performance.

Because of recent changes in consumer law, I have removed all references to expectations of students doing performance at the University of Leeds from this, the performance section of our website. In the first instance, this has involved removing all the material from the performance section.

The rest of the website (photodiaries, stuff about Torridon, needlecraft, other musical material, etc.) is unaffected.

All the performance-related documents that were on the site are still available from me. They will also reside on the university's "V.L.E." (Virtual Learning Environment).

Over the next few months, I will replace the material that was here with general advice, suggestions etc. Apart from removal of references to the University of Leeds, much of the guidance here will be the same as it was, though I will improve/expand it as and when I can.

If you are not already a performance student at Leeds, and if you would like to know more about how performance works beyond year 1 (undergraduate), then please contact me any time. This, or any other enquiry about music degrees at the University of Leeds, can be sent to music@leeds.ac.uk. This e-mail is active, as am I, during university vacations as well as term-time.

Thank you. Daniel Gordon. 12th March, 2016

C&D home Music (performance)