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Being a performing musician (C&D)

Here are some thoughts which I hope you might find useful if you are a musician thinking about how to be a better performer.

Most if not all of it is probably quite obvious - some of it though can easily be forgotten, so perhaps some reminders here might help. I claim no special qualifications for writing them, but they are the result of a fair bit of thought and experience: performing, and coaching other performers.

Independence between this web-site and performance guidance at Leeds University

Although I have worked for many years at the University of Leeds, the notes on these pages are not at all specific to the University, its expectations, standards, or anything similar. Of course this work has given me the opportunity to perform with, and coach, many generations of wonderful students. This, and the effort I have ploughed into it have, amongst many other benefits to me, have greatly helped my attempts to understand the things I write about on this part of the website. For this I am extremely grateful.

If you are currently a music student at the University, you can find my university-specific guidance notes etc. for performers on this section of Leeds University's Virtual Learning Environment (currently known as "Minerva"). You will need to use your University login to access this.

If you are interested in what is taught at the School of Music please contact the School directly, on 0113 343 2583, or at their main e-mail address. This e-mail account is active, as am I, during university vacations as well as term-time. To contact me directly about solo and small-group performance at Leeds, please use my my university e-mail address. Thank you.

C&D home Music Performance notes