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Frog Frenzy

Frogs with personality!  All doing different things, but all sending a hug to the recipient.

Started: 29th January 2016
Finished: 26th March 2016


Frog Frenzy by The Hat and I. (Ravelry Link)


King Cole Merino Blend DK - lots of different colours, mainly blues and greens...

6mm hook.


Made for Freya Gordon.

Great fun to make!  Did three different colours of waterlilies.  Added a heart between two frogs, and a dragon fly on one of the waterlilies.  Crocheted eyes rather than used buttons.

Blocked squares individually before joining them together with slip-stitch at the back.

Edging - back loop only double crochet. Was intending to do several rows, but when I spread it out after just two it looked really good so we decided to leave it like that.

Outdoor photos were taken in Golden Acre Park, north Leeds. Caused a bit of amusement to passers by! Shame there were no water lilies in the green house.

Weighs 615 g.

Web link:

Status: Finished

Categories: Crochet,Highlights

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