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Lace & needlecraft

Clare enjoys working various forms of lace and needle crafts, in particular crocheting, bobbin lace and knitting. This page shows a selection of items that Clare has made and links to more details.

You can also view a full list of Clare's projects which can be selected by craft type.

Craft project highlights

Red Sulawesi tablet woven band:

Fun with Sulawesi-style motifs.

Thread wrapped buttons:

Wrapping threads around buttons has endless variations.

Tessellated sampler cowl:

Fun with Tunisian stitch patterns.

Zwirnknopfe colour study:

Playing with colour for wrapped thread buttons.

Rainbow Posy:

A rainbow to hang in our window.

Half hansel:

Gorgeous squishy wool in lovely colours make a great triangular shawl.

Daisy bookmark:

A bookmark in delicate Bedfordshire-style bobbin lace.

Spiral baby blanket:

A fun blanket with marine wildlife applique.

Frog Frenzy:

Frogs with personality!  All doing different things, but all sending a hug to the recipient.

Tyne Bridge 2: Anniversary box:

A special box for a special occasion.  Lace, sewing and embroidery.

Glasgow Butterfly:

Lots of Bedfordshire leaves, but well worth it.

Natural Hap Shawl:

Loved working this for my mother-in-law in beautiful Shetland wool.

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