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Lace & needlecraft

Clare enjoys working various forms of lace and needle crafts, in particular crocheting, bobbin lace and knitting. This page shows a selection of items that Clare has made and links to their pages on the knitting and crochet website - where there are more pictures and comments. There are no bobbin lace projects linked from here yet, but there will be soon.

Selected crochet projects

Technicolour triangles rug: A very warm lap rug.
Northern dreams jumper: Crochet jumper with a Fair Isle effect yoke.
Black cardigan: Crocheted to keep me warm when singing in cold places - it's already successfully done so several times.
Reversible strands hat: Made for Daniel and he's worn it a lot - a very warm hat.
Spiral ball: Spiral with two colours - made by doing half a row in each colour at a time.
Tullow socks: Crochet socks that start in the middle and work outwards in both directions - works very well.

Selected knitting projects

Ishbel shawl: For Mum for her 70th birthday. Very soft in angora.
Shetland hap shawl: Uses natural colours of Shetland wool. For Désirée for her birthday.
Spanish peacock shawl: An enormous shawl in Shetland wool.
Corazon mittens: My first attempt at Fair Isle knitting. A bit irregular, but not too bad!
Magrathea shawl: Soft Blue Faced Leicester wool - lovely to wear.
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