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Tessellated sampler cowl

Fun with Tunisian stitch patterns.

Started: 19th September 2021
Finished: 24th September 2021


Tessellated sampler cowl by Abbeymade.


Wild Field Fibre 4-ply mini-skein set, colourway = Sky.  5 different shades.

4.5 mm hook.


Worked with 12 blocks around.

Fine with normal crochet hook as never more than 8 stitches on the hook at once.


Loved working on this and sorry to finish it!  Great project for picking up and putting down.  Can see more Tunisian entrelac in my future.  It's a really good way to try out lots of stitch patterns.

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Status: Finished

Categories: Crochet,Tunisian crochet,Highlights,Photos required

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C&D home Lace & needlecraft Project