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Tyne Bridge 2: Anniversary box

A special box for a special occasion.  Lace, sewing and embroidery.

Started: 16th March 2014
Finished: 5th May 2014


Leader, J. Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace, p. 32+, pattern 10


For the lace: Bockens Knyppelgarn 120/2 natural. 19 pairs.

Cotton fabric batik dyed.  Ordered from The Bramble Patch.


March 2014 - Aim is to make enough to edge a gift box for Mum and Dad for their 50th wedding anniversary on 9th May.  Ended up making 18 repeats.

Tallies have 6 passes each (except where thread is thinner than usual!). Alternated cloth stitch and half stitch in denser areas.

Made round gift box using instructions from a booklet that I've had as a pdf copy for a long time. Cardboard covered with batik fabric in purple and green. Put lace around the brim of the lid.

Daniel embroidered initials on the top of the lid in gold thread - very effective.

Inside we put a bowl from Lochcarron Pottery and some gold chocolate guineas from Bettys.

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Status: Finished

Categories: Bobbin lace,Bedfordshire lace,Highlights,Sewing

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