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Red Sulawesi tablet woven band

Fun with Sulawesi-style motifs.

Started: 9th August 2023
Finished: 24th September 2023


Wollny, Tablets at Work, p.354+

Various motifs chosen as I went along.


12 border tablets and 24 pattern tablets.


I've got z and s threading the wrong way round so the patterns are appearing on the underside, but that won't matter once it is off the loom!

Note for the future - Wollny's z and s are tablet direction, not thread direction!

Mirrored motifs around centre. Some needed reversing, which gave me some practice in redrafting Sulawesi motifs.

Fun to do, but had to concentrate! Made an effort to correct mistakes and generally succeeded. Good experience.

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Status: Finished

Categories: Highlights,Weaving,Tablet weaving

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C&D home Lace & needlecraft Project