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Three flowers bookmark

My own pattern!  Three Bucks Point flowers with a border.

Started: 3rd May 2010
Finished: 30th May 2010


Own design. 

60 degree grid. 12.7 pins per inch.

Pattern published in Lace


1st and 2nd - Madeira Tanne 50 white.

3rd and 4th - Madeira Tanne 80 white.

All gimps - Anchor coton a broder 16 white.


1st - 19th November 2004 to 27th November 2004.
2nd - 3rd January 2006 to 10th January 2006
3rd - 6th January 2010 to 2nd May 2010
4th - 3rd May 2010 to 30th May 2010

Starting using false picots - Leader, J. Intro to Bucks Point Lace, p. 36

Flowers based on Stott, Visual Introduction to Bucks Point Lace, p. 30 (Rosemary)

Used finer thread for 3rd working - nicer for ground, but needed to add in threads for flowers.  See pattern from Jean Leader's website.  This worked well for the 4th when I added 2 pairs to each flower.

Path of gimps in little circles: always right over left.
Lower of 2 goes over top then down side and out at bottom of 2.
Upper of 2 goes down side then across bottom and out as upper of 2.

1st bookmark given to Joan Jackson for her 70th birthday in 2005
2nd bookmark sent to Pat Cooper, Christmas 2007.
3rd - ?
4th - still have ()

Web link:

Status: Finished

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