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Bucks Point Stars

Made two of these as special Christmas cards.

Started: 14th September 2006
Finished: 5th November 2006


Pattern by Adrienne Thunder.

In Lace 120, p. 24 (Pricking and picture)

and Reflections booklet (pricking and diagram)


23 pairs Madeira Tanne 80, white.

Gimp: 2 pairs coton a broder 16, white.


1st - 14th September 2006 to 25th September 2006
2nd - 30th October 2006 to 5th November 2006

Mounted on dark blue card and given to Mum and Dad and Lyall and Desiree as Christmas cards 2006.

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Status: Finished

Categories: Bobbin lace,Bucks Point lace,Highlights

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