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Technicolour Triangles

Really cosy, thick triangles making up a very warm lap blanket.

Started: 10th June 2012
Finished: 7th September 2012


Triangles Afghan by Ellen Gormley (Ravelry link)


King Cole Merino Blend DK, various colours.

6 mm hook


Lovely squashy effect from the front and back post stitches.

Starting triangles with 6ch instead of 8. Also starting rows with 2dc, so finishing with ch1, hdc. Works out neater for me. Also, just doing 4 rows instead of 5 as I’m using 6mm hook, so triangles rather large otherwise.

20th August - taking ages to sew in ends, warm sticky weather doesn’t help! I sewed in the ends on the triangles as I went but there are all the ends from crocheting it together.

7th September - Kept trying different ideas for edgings, in the end settled on front loop double crochet (English stitch names…) in the navy blue. Love the 3D effect of the triangles, and it should be beautifully warm on my lap in the winter.

I didn’t plan the colours as well as I should have done, but Daniel helped me to lay them out with a mixture of “normal” symmetry and rotational symmetry (his idea!) and it works. We did leave out the yellow and orange triangles as they didn’t help the final effect.

Finished size: 110 x 80 cm.

Very cosy over my legs in winter - have used it a lot.

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Status: Finished

Categories: Crochet,Back/front post crochet,Highlights

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