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Tartan Knitting Bag

Used a frame from an old knitting bag.  Now really colourful and very handy.

Started: 12th October 2009
Finished: 30th May 2011


Made up as I went along.


British Breeds Blue Faced Leicester DK in the following colours:

Hooks: 3.5 mm; 5 mm; 3 mm.


Mesh = 3mm hook
Chains = 3.5mm hook
Dc edging = 3mm hook
Top cover = 5mm hook

Made the tartan fabric by crocheting a treble mesh (UK stitch names) in stripes, then crocheting chains and threading them though the spaces, then attaching them at both ends.

To cover the wooden frame of an old knitting bag that Désirée gave me. The original fabric was very scruffy.

Cast on 83 stitches for the main bit. Created gussets for the side then dc around all edges.

Sewed navy blue ribbon inside the main body to provide some support. Took ages using split blue wool to blanket stitch the ribbon to the crochet.

Wanted whole thing to be removable so sewed on purple buttons and crocheted button holes for top edge and for straps to hold it under the supports at the bottom.

Made top that buttons on to the main body - ridged chevron stitch from p. 30 in Harmony Guide vol. 6. 5mm hook. dc edging into back loop only.

Straps under base - 3mm hook, blue. CO using dcco length required to go under bag. ch 1, dc in base of next 2dc, 4dcco, miss 4 dc, dc into base of dc across to last 6 dc, 4 dcco, miss 4 dc, dc into base of next 2 dc, make curve over top with extra stitches then dc back along both sides. Fasten off.

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Status: Finished

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C&D home Lace & needlecraft Project